Wellness Beyond The Workout

by Natalie Clemens

 Dec 02, 2017 at 3:49 PM

There's no doubt that taking the proactive, “apple-a-day” approach to healthy living has gained measurable traction over recent years. But beyond its lighter menus and modern fitness offerings, McConnell Golf is taking further steps in its commitment to wellness. So, what’s next? Massage therapy and physical therapy.

McConnell Golf recently introduced Concierge Physical Therapists to its clubs. Their network of therapists is based on the belief that clients need more than what most high-volume physical therapy clinics can offer.

According to Bryan Williams, found- er of CPT: “I believe in one-on-one, hour-long appointments with a physical therapist specializing in manual techniques complemented with neuromuscular re-education and exercise.”

Concierge Physical Therapists has grown substantially throughout the mid-Atlantic area and now serves eight private clubs, including TPC Wakefield Plantation and Providence Country Club, with plans to add the service to Sedgefield Country Club, Country Club of Asheville, and Old North State Club soon.

“Club members benefit from several aspects of our service, including the convenience of receiving physical therapy at their club’s fitness center,” says Williams. “Members get high-level service due to our one-on-one intensive approach.”

All of CPT’s therapists hold doctoral degrees or have 20-plus years of experience working with golfers, tennis players, and non-athletes.

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Leaps and Bounds

by Martha-Page Althaus

 Aug 24, 2017 at 7:03 PM

Providence Country Club unveils a new fitness facility.

When Providence Country Club opened its brand new and improved fitness center this past April, the changes were drastic.

“We used to be in the basement,” laughs Nanette Nelmes, a wellness coach and personal trainer who has worked at Providence for 11 years. “Now, it’s like I have a whole new job!”

As part of the renovation, the old gym and golf pro shop switched locations. The new 3,400-square-foot fitness complex nearly doubled in size and added a cardio room, weight room, and aerobics room. The renovation also traded out old equipment for all-new machines and added group exercise classes and child care.

"We now have state-of-the-art cardio equipment, including Intenza treadmills, recumbent bikes, Octane elliptical trainers, Life Fitness rowers, and stair climbers,” says Jason Vieira, a fitness professional and personal trainer at Providence. “We also added TRX Suspension Trainers, Life Fitness spin bikes, and a variety of Life Fitness loaded strength equipment.”

Before the renovation, the fitness center hosted a few group exercise classes each week. Now with the additional space, they’ve added morning and evening classes. The current class schedule includes offerings in TRX, spin, Zumba, interval training, yoga, and barre.

“We were very lucky to get the TRX equipment,” says Nelmes. “We even had to put in extra binding behind the wall to install the suspensions.”

For many Providence families, one of the most exciting additions to the fitness complex is a child care center. Providence Playhouse offers child care Monday – Friday mornings and Friday and Saturday evenings.

“We’ve never had child care before, so to now have this as an option, it helps our families tremendously,” says Nelmes. “Now, we’re tapping into a whole different market.”

As for the members?

“People absolutely love the space,” says Nelmes. “Wellness is a way of life for our members. Being mindful of health and wellness helps in every aspect of golf and tennis.”

Brenley Ogden has been working out in the Providence fitness center for more than 20 years. For her, the renovated complex has been a long time coming.

“It’s simply beautiful,” she says. “It’s easy to navigate and we all have so much more space. In the old center, we constantly bumped into equipment. If there was a class going on, there was no free space to lay down a mat. Now, we can do the workouts we want to do. Plus we have more choices with the new equipment.”

Ogden trains with Nelmes once a week and also participates in the Providence running group, which meets at the clubhouse and runs two-to-three- mile routes around the neighborhood. But when she’s on the treadmill in the new fitness center, she’s got just as good a view.

“The new center has beautiful windows overlooking the golf course,” she says. “Before the renovation, we couldn’t even see out of the windows. I enjoy working out here so much more.”

Shape Up this Summer 

On hot summer days, it’s tempting to blow off the gym and head straight for the pool. But an innovative summer fitness program at Providence aims to keep the whole family active — with plenty of time left over for Popsicles by the pool!

The club’s triathlon challenge uses the main components of a standard triathlon — two-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2- mile run — but allows participants to work out in the A/C over a period of 30 days. And while this challenge may be a Providence summer staple, you can adapt the program and do it at any club, anywhere.

“It’s for the entire family,” says Nelmes. “It’s a fun competition between brothers and sisters, parents and kids.”

Each participant receives a tracking chart and marks every mile completed. Depending on the weather (including that infamous NC summer humidity), triathletes can bike and run inside or out, and swim two miles (or 80 laps) in the club’s pool.

“Last year, our winner finished in only seven days,” says Nelmes. “They get really competitive with it, which is all part of the fun.”

Brenley Ogden is participating in the summer triathlon challenge and finds the program gets her motivated to exercise.

“It encourages me to get in the pool and get on the spin bike or outside on my road bike,” she says. “I had not ridden my bike in almost a year before signing up for this. But as soon as I got back out there, I realized how much I had missed it. This is a great motivator to do the things I haven’t done in a while.”


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Fitting in Fitness

by Jessie Ammons

 Dec 13, 2016 at 9:56 PM

Resourceful planning has yielded impressive improvements at four McConnell Golf Clubs. Thanks to ingenious use of clubhouse spaces, the Country Club of Asheville and Holston Hills Country Club have brand-new fitness centers; and Old North State Club has significantly renovated its center.

Soon, a similar facelift will be underway at Providence Country Club. “We’re excited to be doubling the footprint of our existing fitness center,” says general manager Howard Murphy. The plan is to swap the locations of the clubhouse’s golf shop and fitness center, and also add a kids’ zone adjacent to the new fitness location. “We’ve never had a kids’ zone before, and we’re really looking forward to that,” Murphy says. Murphy anticipates a late spring 2017 debut for the new center.

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